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RRSPS are like


When you have a set destination in mind, it’s nice to have an investment you can rely on.

Want to save money on your annual taxes while contributing directly to your retirement fund? Invest in our non-redeemable, high-interest RRSP term deposits.

RRSP Eligible Investments

3-Year Redeemable Escalator



Boost your investments and defer your taxes with this RRSP product that will increase its rate each year up to 5.60%.

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2-Year Non-Redeemable


This product offers a guaranteed rate of return over the next two years, meaning you can rest easy knowing your money is in good hands.

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Why choose an RRSP?

If you’re trying to save for your future, a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) can be a great option to consider. An RRSP is a type of investment account that provides significant tax benefits to help you save for your retirement.

By contributing to an RRSP, you can lower your taxable income in the current year, which can result in a higher tax refund. Additionally, any investment earnings in your RRSP are tax-deferred, which means you won’t pay taxes on them until you withdraw the funds in retirement. This can lead to substantial tax savings over time and help your savings grow faster.

It’s important to note that RRSPs have contribution limits and deadlines, so it’s a good idea to consult a financial advisor to understand the specific details and determine if an RRSP is right for you.

We keep your money safe.

Deposits are 100% insured by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (CUDIC). To find out more about this coverage, visit the CUDIC website or ask us for more details.


  • This page features limited time offers.
  • 3-Year Escalator – For the 3rd year promotional rate of 5..60%, a minimum deposit of $15,000 is required and deposits must be new funds to SCCU. Year 1 is 4.00%. Year 2 is 5.25%. Average rate over the three-year term is 4.95%. 
  • Short terms and 1-year terms pay interest at maturity date. Two to five-year terms pay interest annually on the anniversary date. Non-redeemable terms are not cashable. Early redemption to be approved as an exception at no interest.
  • Products, features and rates are subject to change without notice. In the event of a discrepancy between the rates posted on this website and the official rates posted in our branches, the latter shall prevail.
  • New funds are defined as any new funds deposited in the last 30 days. Funds that have left SCCU and returned within the 30 days are not considered new funds.
  • All Special terms may be removed without notice. Rate request can hold rates for up to 7 days